Kaada – ZombieLars (Soundtrack)

John Erik Kaada’s Closing Statements was one of last year’s standout albums, straddling as it did the worlds of electronic music and modern classical composition with a moving suite of pieces dealing with final farewells. A versatile composer for his own solo releases as well as film and TV, Norway’s Kaada is also a frequent collaborator with Faith No More guitarist and Ipecac label head Mike Patton, making him a highly adaptable and fluid musician with a penchant for unexpected eclecticism.

This new release contains some of Kaada’s work for the TV series ZombieLars, a coming-of-age teen story filtered through the voguish lens of vampires, werewolves and zombies. The collection showcases Kaada’s precise rendering of mood and texture via styles that feel inextricably linked to an 1980s soundtrack recipe. ‘Algebra and ‘Annerledes’s synth sprinkles and dominant beats sound like they may have consciously mainlined the score from Escape From New York, while the stentorian ‘Beeserk’ has a stop-start quality akin to a classically-infused flavour of dubstep. The urgent, moody ‘Detroit’ stands out for its unswervingly hypnotic layers of bass and haunting melodies, while ‘Brain’ captures some of the maudlin quality that dominated Closing Statements with stirring strings and gentle arpeggios.

ZombieLars is released by Mirakel Recordings on January 25 2019.

Words: Mat Smith
(c) 2019 Further.

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